Cafe Massilia
French Provencal Cuisine

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                           Driving Directions:

                     Driving on the 210 East

                        (To San Bernardino)

* Take the Myrtle Exit

* Turn left on Myrtle Blvd.

* Turn right on East Lemon Ave.

                     Driving on the 210 West

                         (To Los Angeles)

* Take the Myrtle Exit

* Turn right on Myrtle Blvd.

* Turn right to East Lemon Ave.

Voila! You're there!

There are limited parking spaces along Lemon Ave but there is a parking lot available to the right of the Krikorian Theatre located at the back of the restaurant. 

Refer to the map on your right. Double click to zoom in the map and right click to zoom out and you can scroll the map using your mouse. 

We are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner...come visit us soon!

Cafe Massilia
110 East Lemon Ave.
Monrovia, CA 91016
 Tel: (626) 471-3588

Email your inquiries at:

Fall & Winter 2013
Business Hours
starts Nov 4, 2013

     Breakfast          Lunch          Dinner
Monday          9a - 11a        11a - 4p      4p - 8:30p
Tuesday         closed         11a - 4p          4p - 8:30p
Wednesday   closed      11a - 4p      4p - 8:30p
Thursday 9a - 11a      11a - 4p      4p - 8:30p
Friday 9a - 11a      11a - 4p      4p - 9:30p
Saturday Brunch          9a - 4p      4p - 10p
Sunday Brunch        8a - 4p      4p - 8p

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