Cafe Massilia
French Provencal Cuisine

Bienvenue a Cafe Massilia!

We present our new menu and concept for Fall/Winter 2014.  

In our most recent visit to the South of France, we have stumbled upon new dishes and recipes and we thought of incorporating these in our Fall and Winter menu of 2014.

Our menu concept for this season, centers on Family and Tradition. We strive in bringing these Provencal favorites to your table - simple, classic and fresh is our new motto.  

As in the South of  France, dining is a celebration. Every meal is lovingly prepared, shared and enjoyed with a glass of wine, a lively conversation about life and love by family and friends. 

We hope you will enjoy our new menu...

 Bon Appetit!

Our New Business Hours
(October 2014 - May 2015)


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